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    January 3rd, 2011
    Free information or free sample and more if they register/buy?
    Hi. I have some informational products I am working on and my initial plan was to give the information for free and hope some people sign up for/buy the things I affiliate for that is related to my information.
    Well then I thought of what if I for example give a way a couple of articles and videos where poeple can click a link and sign up/buy at the site I affiliate for and tell them once they've done so they get acces to my website with much more videos and articles and stuff on the subject they are intrested in.
    What do you think of this, wich way would you do and why?

    Also I wonder if there is anyway to set up such a system that once they sign up and buy at another website that's not mine but through my link, then they can get an email or something that gives them acces to my site?
    I thought that sure I could tell them to email me after signing up and I can go check and then grant them acces but that would require to constantly check my emails and would be a problem on weekends and when on vacation. So would like this to work automaticly.

    Any thought on this?

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    January 3rd, 2011
    So I don't seem to be getting any replys, did I post this in the right place and is there anything confusing about this thread that I could fix? Beacuse I would really like some discussion about this.

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