Merchant ABCs hosts Deborah Carney and Vinny O’Hare joined Kim Salvino and Amy Ely of to talk about affiliate program SEO policies and important considerations when constructing terms and conditions.

Topics include:
  • The impact of placing restrictions on affiliates who rank for SEO/natural search terms
  • Understanding why advertisers may put restrictions in place and how affiliates use SEO
  • Suggestions on how to structure a search policy and additional Ts & Cs

Key takeaways:
  • Be smart – advertisers benefit by learning industry best practices and from other programs before finalizing their affiliate terms and conditions
  • Be aware – think about the impact on affiliates in addition to the impact on the advertiser
  • Be clear – write terms and conditions in a way that affiliates can clearly understand the rules

Also, be fair – affiliates are an advertiser’s marketing partners. Great communication will go a long way in developing a profitable relationship.

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