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    Should I or Shouldn't I?
    Hi, I hope I'm in the right place as forums, etc...are not my usual hangouts so forgive me if I am breaking a rule. I own an outdoor exercise machine and our product is $1,500. Most of our sales are from people that find us online through organic searches and many order without calling us. I think I'd like to become a merchant and get all the affiliate experts to be able to profit in those sales and ...but we are A) should I become a merchant in this case? Are we attractive to affiliate marketers? And B) How can I offer this so that if someone calls you get the credit as well? Which company is best to sign up with?

    THANKS SO MUCH....I didn't want to put the name of my product as I really want this info and am not trying to spam or place an ad.

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    Hi exercisemachine, welcome to Abestweb. I moved your questions here where there are many others with the same kinds of questions. Starting an affiliate program can be rewarding and challenging, there is quite a learning curve. If you do not have an employee with the time and knowledge to manage your program you might want to consider consulting with an OPM to help you get it started off right. You have several decisions to make and an Outsourced Program Manager will help you choose decisions that are right for your company. From choosing the network to setting commissions, terms and expectations that are realistic for all parties, you will save yourself and your business a lot of headaches by talking to the right people. Several OPMs are members here, if you read around a little you will get to know them and their management styles. An overview of the forum index will let you see how ABW is laid out, help you find what you want:

    For help getting on ABW's fast track see this thread:

    Read through these forums to see the questions that others in your shoes have asked and maybe get some of your questions answered without even asking:
    Starting an Affiliate Program & Merchant Q&A - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum
    and here:
    Merchant Best Practices Forum - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    I'm just an affiliate, but having a program run right will ensure that experienced affiliates will want to work with your program. Poorly run programs stink.
    Good luck.

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    Thank you 2busy!
    I appreciate your reply to my post! I will get started and start reading the links you posted! thanks again...

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    exercisemachine, would be interested in speaking as I have extensive experience in fitness equipment program management: Chuck Hamrick | LinkedIn

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