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    How do you do split tests?
    I just came from this thread, which I find absolutely useful:

    Using that thread as my context, I'd like to seek help regarding split tests, per se (a search on "split test" in this forum didn't lead me to a thread specifically on this topic, or maybe I didn't look hard enough). I understand what a split test is. But I'm able to implement this, so far, in aweber -- specifically to check which email catcher design works best.

    May I know how you do split tests? Do you use a third party program to do this? If so, what are they? Are there cost-effective ways of doing split tests that won't harm the budget of a start-up?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    I won't go into specifics because this service is VERY straightforward (to the point that it almost holds your hand): Google Website Optimizer

    If you're looking for more advanced, enterprise features: Omniture's test and target Website Optimization & Tracking | Multivariate A/B Testing | Website Testing | Adobe Powered by Omniture

    Kamusta pre?
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    I have a problem with Google Website Optimizer - and a sort of work-around that I use.

    The problem is that, like any good split tester, GWO doesn't give results until you have enough sales (or other visitor actions) to give a high statistical significance. But when a site is new, or otherwise has low traffic, such A/B split tests can take months to complete.

    My work-around in these cases is to assign a "proxy sale" action item, instead of a sale. That is, some visitor action, which only visitors with a lot of motivation or interest will take, but something short of a sale - something that can happen much more often than a sale would.

    Of course this compromises the meaning of your result somewhat - but still provides a good learning opportunity about site improvements.

    Hope this helps...
    _jim coe

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