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    Google Panda 2

    > looking to address the problem of scraper sites outranking original authors. Scraper sites are those sites that take content from others and republish it to their own websites.

    That would be great!

    > It also looks like a new iteration could potentially address the "harshness" of the original rollout, as some felt Panda was a bit aggressive right out the gate and that perhaps not all the sites affected should have been.

    That will be great too! Stores affected because of item descriptions.

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    One lesson in all of this is that we should be building long-term brands and sites instead of trying to chase the latest Google loophole. Yes, some short term strategies work, but build for the long-term and you will get more traffic overtime - while worrying about Google less.
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    These are the two most significant things you should note!

    What does that meant to the average site owner? Keep paying attention to the quality of your content in preparation for continuous rollouts of Panda.
    Cutts' piece of advice? Don't chase after the Google algorithm; chase after what you feel users are going to love, because that's what Google is after, too.
    This is nothing new and should be at the heart of your copy writing.

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    I had huge spikes in my crawling between Wednesday and Friday. I believe Panda 2.2 was released.
    Matt Cutts, head of Google's Web spam team, confirmed that a new iteration of Panda (version 2.2) has been approved internally, but was not yet rolled out. (June 16, 2011)
    We're going to see the effects (good or bad) this week.

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    Zeus I am seeing the same thing.
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    considering the objective of the panda updates, the imperfection of the technology that google uses is really what hit too harsh some people

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