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    Hi guys n gals,

    Just a quick yet very important question: Lets say i am going to employ other people/web sites to try and get sales for me. How would i track who has done what?

    e.g i own a sports gambling forum, if i have an affiliate deal with an online casino and i get $30 per sign up, and i have 5 people all trying to get people to sign up, then how can i confirm who has done what?

    Could i open up 5 CJ accounts using the same postal address?

    Thanks in advance


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    For CJ, I would recommend using the SID parameter. Just assign a unique identifier to each source and pass it through the click links. For instance,{pid}-{aid}?SID={sid}.

    Each major network has something similar.

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    Many indy programs offer something similar as well. Talk to the program managers for the various sportsbooks you promote. Ask if they have any sort of campaign tracking option.

    If they're confused, tell them you'd like to track sales by several differnt PPC campaigns, sites, etc, and ask if there's some variable you can append to your links to do that.

    Cheers again!
    Eathan Mertz

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    most gamin programs are 2 tier... check to see if your program is as well.

    If it is just get them to signup under you. the program will take care of all the bookkeeping and you'll both get your commisions paid directly to you from the program.

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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