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    How to create a niche Affiliate site from scratch using WordPress by Gary Marcoccia
    ABW gets constant inquiries on how to get started as an affiliate. The easiest and one of the most effective is to buy a domain, setup hosting and use a WordPress blog. Bloggers make terrible affiliates but affiliates make excellent bloggers.

    Gary Marcoccia has been down the school of hard knocks as an affiliate, affiliate manager and network rep. He has had affiliate sites for over a decade and knows what he is talking about. Recently he wrote a great article on his marketing blog detailing how to get started and its a great primer for the newbie and the pro.
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    thanks for the info....
    Hi Chuck,

    I just reviewed Gary Marcoccias' site about " Itís Not Brain Science- Build a Niche Affiliate Site " and found it to be Super !!

    That one page blurb appears to have all the information/links that one would need to begin and create a beginning site.

    As a newbie I actually am starting to use this information.

    Thanks again !!


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    Thanks for posting, Chuck, And happy2bhere glad you found it helpful

    I have some ideas on follow-up posts/articles in terms of helping people get started.. it's just a matter of finding the time to do it.

    The emphasis I will keep pointing to is the need to commit to the long haul, focus and to not expect profit (or even revenue) over night. There are not many business opportunities where one can start-up and make $$ right away, and Affiliate marketing is no different.


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    Great thread
    Chuck: Thanks for the thread! I started our family web site, years ago, and now some people who have contacted me recently, refer to it as a blog. Recently, I set up a WordPress blog for my wife. It's waiting for her to have a topic she wants to blog about. My Stepson is another candidate for a blog, with affiliate links on it.

    Gary-AvantLink: Thanks for your words too! I had been thinking, today about the need for my Stepson to "focus" and be patient. We all need to do that!

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    Good article, just something very, very minor I disagree with:

    "For example you have probably seen people use actual domain extensions as part of the branding (think or"

    Domain hacks confuse people, it's why delicious did something about it awhile back and push the .com now. Flunks the radio test big time.

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