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    Niche wedding band maker searching for affiliates
    I've been making and selling niche wedding bands on the internet since 2005, using adwords.

    I would like to use affiliates to promote my wedding bands. I'm not sure where to get started. It sounds easiest to use a third party like CJ to find affiliates for me, but I'm not sure if this the best way.

    I could work directly with other websites and manage the program myself. I'm not sure what would be involved. Do a google search for relevant terms and email them? Then discuss term and find some way to track the sales? I'm just guessing here.

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    If you prefer to work with only a few individuals you may be better off without a network, your agreements would be with the people you find to promote your products and it would be up to you to set the terms of your program. You would need to find a way to track referrals that your affiliates have faith in and convince them that they will be paid. You will need to monitor the traffic generated to be sure that your terms are being followed and communicate changes with your affiliates. You will need to provide them with links that track and creatives to use in promoting your products, hopefully a database that you keep up to date and available online for their use. It can be a time consuming job, but if you want to give it a shot, why not. If your goal was to increase sales then you might be better off with a network to handle some of those tasks. CJ is not the only network and probably not the best network for a small manufacturer.

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