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    Louisiana It's Not Too Late
    Well the HB641 discussion in the Senate committee was delayed a day so any one who made the trip was bummed for sure. It passed the senate committee with only one nay.

    I watched the video of today's discussion of the bill which was posted on the legislative site. Rebecca and the Amazon guy did a good job but no affiliates spoke.

    It appears that even the author of the bill doesn't realize that it will be a revenue loss for the state after the merchants dump the affiliates. There motive is good to protect state retailers, but there method is futile and they don't realize it.

    The good thing is that the governor's staffer spoke and recorded the governor's opposition. She exhibited a good grasp of the realities involved.

    Rebecca says that there are 2,000 to 3,000 Louisiana affiliates. They sure aren't on ABW and I'm guessing that most are in name only.

    I have a call in for my Senator and you should too. Let him or her know that it's a revenue looser for our state. Then if it passes the full Senate, which I say it will, then call the governors office and leave a message voicing support for a veto.

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    John is right, it's not too late. Contact your elected officials throughout the legislature with emails, making the story personal of what will happen to you if this goes through. Help them to see your faces too!

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