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    Why am I getting rejected by all these merchants?
    Can someone tell me what I need to do to get approved, I am getting declined by all these affiliates. Poor Me!

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    Moderator Note: I think you mean "merchants", not "affiliates". I've updated the thread title.

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    You're the affiliate, they are the merchants.
    Maybe they can't match your application and the ownership of the site. You have a private registration. Maybe they don't accept coupon sites or you don't have enough traffic.

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    Try reaching out to the affiliate manager(s) directly and see what they are looking for.
    Matt Faloon
    Affiliate Development

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    "Try reaching out to the affiliate manager(s) directly and see what they are looking for."
    That's a good idea, but bare in mind that a lot of merchants approve only those websites that are related to their industry. Are you applying to related websites?
    If you have a coupon website, tell them the stats of your site (traffic, demographics, etc), perhaps provide them a link to with your site details if you have enough data to show them. If you're just starting out, contact them directly via email or a phone call and explain to them how you will be bringing traffic into the site, but more importantly into the area of which they will be listed. I hope I've been helpful. Good Luck!

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