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    On July 11th, 2008 I applied to They have yet to respond to my application, either through acceptance or denial.

    Through the years I have emailed them asking them to review my appcation and explaining to them that my application ha been submitted a long time ago.

    I explained to them that CJ still shows them as a pending merchant.

    This past week I emailed them again and didn't receive a response. I emailed CJ asking them to manually remove them from my pending applications. CJ replied that they didn't have the ability to remove them from my pending listing. That could only be done by the merchant approving or denying my application.

    I emailed back and asked them to deny my application. I also mentioned that I didn't want to work with this type of merchant. I told them that I was giving them a few days to deny my application before informing the community of my experience.

    I know it's not a major issue and that I should just be able to live with the merchant on my pending offers list.

    Shouldn't there be a way for me to rescind my application?
    Is three years, not a long time to wait for a response?

    Shouldn't I be a little upset that they haven't replied to any of my emails?

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    I wonder if their CEO knows how much money they are wasting by letting that program rot unmanaged.

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    You need to be more patient, Padawan.


    I had one pending in CJ from 2005-2009 (10?) that one day approved me (Oreck).

    Anyway, obviously I wasn't super keen to promote them and I don't even think they have a program any more as I couldn't find them in CJ before posting this.

    Annoying that CJ can't remove the pending status and/or allow you to rescind your application.

    Allergy Buyers Club get your act together!!!

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    I agree that it is super annoying not to have a way to remove an application, it gets to where you need to maintain a list of what's live and what is rotting away in the dust. Obviously when I applied I had an interest but no, I am not still waiting to find out whether I am approved or not. It is like forcing affiliates to hold the lamp while everyone else is off on their snipe hunt. I'm with you bibby and OTProf!

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    Same! I have a 12 month plus pending application - needless to say if and when i get accepted I WILL NOT promote them.

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    I have no desire to ever promote them or any merchant that doesn't respond to either an application and/or emails...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    I ordered about $3K worth of stuff including a $500 filter that when I received it stank and had the warranty card filled out by a previous owner who included the return reasons also in the box. I called and left a multitude of voicemails with the VP (listed as the contact with the BBB). After two weeks of no response I escalated the issue directly with the BBB and was refunded. Had them knock down their A+ to A- and forced them to remove me from all catalog and email lists.

    Their customer service pathetic, so their lack of response on the aff side is actually saving you and your visitors much strife.

    Boston Green Goods / Allergy Buyers Club is a Terrible Terrible company! Avoid them all costs!!!
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    Thanks for the warning. I don't know how I got approved, but somehow I did. Haven't started promoting them yet. Got me thinking twice now.

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