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    How would I start earning as an affiliate without website ?
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    How would you start promoting a merchant without a website? If you can figure that out you will have the answer for your original question. Keep in mind that you can't join the reputable networks without a site.

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    I'm not sure what you are really getting at with your question, but as 2busy implied most networks will have a requirement that you indicate your website URL during the sign up process. In theory you could put together a brief site using a free blog type service but bear in mind that a % of affiliate managers and OPMs will evaluate your application to their company's program based on that website so that could cause you to get rejected from companies you hoped to promote.

    By way of your specific question, yes you can make money without having a website. There are a handful of ways that you take (hopefully) relevant user traffic directly to the website of the merchant you are promoting. This method is often referred to as "DTM" (direct to merchant). You need to check the terms (rules) of *each* merchant you hope to promote to ensure that they allow this method (some do not).

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