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    Hi All

    What is the best practice, I want to build a store, I have 3 domains for example,

    Is it best to build one website and have the other two URL's link to the main .com?



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    The domains should be linked if content is related. The domains should not be linked if the only reason is to have an inbound link. From the same hosting account, it is easily spotted by SE. The Best Practice is to build useful sites that people will tell their friends about.

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    If it's localized for each of those three regions (different languages, currency, phrases, etc.), I think it makes a lot of sense to keep them separate but linked. If it's all the same, just redirect them all to the .com.

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    If you want to institute different policies depending upon country, it might be useful to maintain the 3 sites but only use one for the main 'shop'. Otherwise, I would pick one and redirect the other two.

    If you purchased all of them for branding reasons, you might want to consider picking up the .info, .biz and .org as well. The Twitter, Facebook and MySpace name might be a good idea too.

    It might even pay to grab the free blog domains too. One of my sites is now competing with a Johnny-come-lately on a free WordPress blog. sigh, live and learn.

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