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    Tax collectors?
    obviously with the amazon tax laws passing...the 'amazon tax' states want amazon to collect sales tax, and remit to the states (and overstock too, of course).

    i'm just wondering: are there other merchants the "amazon tax" states seem to be going after to make them "tax collectors" as well?

    as we know, there are 100's of merchants that don't collect sales tax. i suppose this point can be argued, but i don't see how "amazon tax" states can get them all to collect -- even if they have affiliate programs.

    IE: there's a real a small south datoka company, they sell peanuts online, they don't collect sales tax but they have NC the heck can NC make them collect and remit (prob a poor example, but hopefully you get the point).

    I suppose NY, RI & NC affiliates can say it best -- what advertisers are the states really after? do they have some kind of list or something? if so, i'd sure like to know who. i ask because this whole battle seems to be about amazon and overstock collecting.......or is it......?
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    Have to remember who is really behind these nexus tax laws. It's the big B&M chains that have an online presence as well.

    They are the ones who more than likely put the "bug" in local officials ears about Amazon not collecting sales tax - Telling them that it's both an unfair advantage to in-state B&M establishments and that the state could be collecting hundred of millions of dollars in sales tax revenue.

    Seriously, when is the last time Walmart gave a damn about their local competitors?
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    i hear you. it does seem to be all about amazon...but i'm assuming NY, RI, NC..maybe CO affiliates can attest -- the states must be after some other "big name" internet retailers as well, correct? i'd just like to know who, other then amazon and overstock.

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    They'll go after anyone they think is worth going after.

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    The list of giant online merchants is endless; Amazon is the most well-known and an easy target, so they are the "named" merchant every revenue-seeking politician uses.

    The Affiliate-Nexus tax is aimed at EVERY online merchant that does not already collect tax in the subject state. There are available long lists of merchants who have terminated affiliates in the various states to have passed these laws.

    In CA, the State Board of Equalization is relentless. They will monitor EVERY online merchant they can find and if no returns are filed and taxes paid, they will go after them, and as well as collecting the underlying taxes, they will go after penalties and interest for mere timely non-payment, and criminal penalties for willful failure to file reports and to pay.

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