We are excited to inform you about the Journey Education program within oneNetworkDirect. The target market for EDU priced software in North America is HUGE and is always growing. The target audiences for JourneyEd products are:

*College Students
*Parents of K-12 Students
*College Staff & Faculty
*K-12 High School & Faculty

The JourneyEd datafeed from oneNetworkDirect provides direct access to over 145,000 products direct from JourneyEd at rock bottom prices. Also in the oneNetworkDirect datafeed are product categories for each product making it simple to integrate the sorted products from only certain categories into your website or you can integrate the entire feed and display products in their categories in your search results.

Join the Journey Ed Affiliate Program and Enjoy:

*4% commission on all products
*Diverse product catalog
*Unique product bundles
*Growing library of product specific creatives

We look forward to working with you!