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    Hi All,

    I've looked and looked and I haven't found anyone asking this type of question. If I've simply missed another thread, please point me to it.

    I have several content sites with informational content that doesn't talk about particular products, i.e. an article on growing the herb thyme or an article about a particular painter. Topics vary but the articles are similar to Wikipedia, About and eHow. All of the articles are original and unique and often go into more detail than the more well-known sites mentioned.

    My question is...from a general sense, what's the best way to promote affiliate products when you are talking about a topic but not talking about a particular product?

    • Do you display a picture of the product and include text like, "This item is available from XYZ company and would be a great way to grow thyme or you could own a custom-framed version of this painting..."?
    • Embed a link within the text as in..."You can buy your own xxx here"?
    • Or do you display an Adsense-style advertisement and hope the ad alone makes the sale?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    I would use a picture and a product link. You'll make a lot more with that than the few cents you would get from an AdSense click.

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