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    I am trying to upload my site on dreamweaver to FTP. I have connected and can transfer files. My question does my site need to be organized when I upload. I did it like this...I copied the index to the root file of the sites directory. Then I uploaded the files I had for everything else. I have organized all the sub-pages into A main folder and within that folder i made folders for all the categories. I guess what I am trying to ask do they need to be organized? Is there a certain way?

    And how do you name each site? like name the movies section page to

    Don't know it that made ANY sense!

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    If it all works when you preview it in Dreamweaver, and every click gets you where you want to go, keep the same exact structure, same directories, etc.

    Your website works the same as browsing a folder on your local machine. Each / represents a directory, so if page1 is in folder2 inside folder1, then folder1/folder2/page1.html would be the correct naming convention.

    Basically, if flying_daggers.html is in a directory called "movies" in the root folder of your site on your local machine, then would be correct.

    Hope that helps.

    Eathan Mertz

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    Eathan is right.

    Another way to think of it is in a hierarchical format. For example, keep the important stuff in the root directory, and other stuff in sub-directories. For example, a common place for images might be a sub-directory called "images."

    It is easier to track things down if you put different "types" of things in different directories.

    Some examples:

    You'll be able to navigate both the "local" and "remote" directories in DW. The remote directory structure doesn't have to look like the structure on your local hard-drive, but you can set up your local hard-drive to look like the server if you like.

    Here is a great source for setting up websites with DW

    Here is a great resource for DW questions

    Hope I haven't confused things with my answer.


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