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    Faster Update Cycle Due to Advertising-Nexus Issues
    This week, I did my third "complete web-site regeneration" in a month. The first time was to remove a defunct merchant and an Amazon skyscraper "recommended products" ad; the second time was to fix some problems introduced in the first update; and this week I removed all the paid advertising links to Amazon following their termination of California publishers from their "Associates Program." (Actually, I "demoted" all links to Amazon from "paid" to "unpaid" status, which means that some of these links continue to appear on my site [in lower positions] to keep my directory "relevant and useful.")

    Each site update involves making lots of manual changes to my master data file, then purging my MySQL database and running a script to re-import the master data file (5-6 hours), and then running scripts to re-generate the 2,030 static web pages that comprise my directory site (another 6-8 hours), and then ftp'ing all those files to my web server.

    Yesterday, another merchant contacted me to suggest an experimental, informal affiliate-program arrangement. This is a merchant whose products I already include in my directory, but the merchant wants the higher sales that will likely result from the improved position that I offer for affiliate-program links. Assuming that the merchant follows through with the data I've requested, I'll need to re-generate the entire site again next week to reflect that change (the actual links won't change, but once I change the merchant's status from "unpaid" to "paid," I'll need to repeat the entire process to reposition all the merchant's links in the directory).

    And I'm also scrambling to find ways to substitute other advertisers' links for the products that Amazon offered, so I expect that I'll be slogging through this entire update process once or twice each week during July and August.

    Is anyone else spending more time on the "update cycle" as a result of changes caused by Advertising-Nexus laws, or by other changes you're making in response to those laws?

    And I just now realized that I haven't done anything about my PopShops links to Amazon that appear in some of my blog posts (some product reviews); I'll add that to my to-do list.
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