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    Anybody have any suggestions on how to patent a product idea witht the intent to sell it to a company without a large cash outlay? Anybody used one of those Inventor's Kit companies and want to share your story?

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    I would stay away from these kits or at least be very cautious. Read at
    for more info.
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    I am not a patent attorney. But I do have six patents, I've been through the process, and I have participated in several patent litigation cases as an expert.

    Technically, you cannot patent an idea. An invention must be "reduced to practice" before it can be patented. If you build a prototype or a working model, you can apply for a patent. The process can be expensive and take several years. If you intend to do that, a provisional patent might be a good way to go. It will establish a date and buy you a year's time before you have to file a standard utility patent application.

    If you want to protect your idea without reducing it to practice, you must treat it as a trade secret. You'll need some legal help to ensure you write valid non-disclosure agreemnets and follow proper protection procedures.

    And don't sucker in for the sales pitches of those inventor kit and invention promotion companies. They are scams.

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    The Adwhore infomercial nature of you finding the "invention kit" concept should be a tip off's a scam.
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