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    my company is trying to offer bonuses to our affiliates in CJ
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    There are some threads around that can work wonders to help a new merchant understand the workings of Abestweb. How to get the Most Out of ABW os one. is another and see this one too:

    One quick and popular method to at least get people looking at your program is to advertise it, this gives you your own branded announcement that is active for 30 days to lay out the details of your program and respond to questions. (Details here: Advertise at ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forums ) Before plunking down money, spend a little time getting more familiar with other announcements made there to see what they did right - and wrong - get your money's worth if you decide to do that.

    Another idea is to offer activation bonuses. Put up a link and get a quick $5, write an article that links to something in particular and get a $20 bonus. This gets people interested and gets your links up fast for anyone who has a related site.

    Good luck.
    Hi! I've been searching around here trying to find the answer to this and I think you'll be able to help me... I'm new to affiliate marketing, my company is trying to offer bonuses to our affiliates in CJ but can't figure out how to do that... can you (or anyone else) help?? Thanks!

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    You can run a bonus contest and then manually pay out the bonus $$ transaction.

    The way we run our bonuses, is we announce them through a widespread newsletter for any given time frame, and then keep track of the activity. Once we see that an affiliate has reached the plateau necessary to receive the bonus, we reach out to them and then pay out a manual transaction through CJ.

    Hope this helps!
    Steven Shnayder
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