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    OT: Anyone know how this is done?
    Anyone know how this site generates pages on the fly?

    go to goodvalue [dot] lk

    Now add a / and any text. e.g., /apples or /lottery or anything else.

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    Have NO idea, LOL.

    Can't say I understand why they are doing it other than in hopes of capitalizing on any keyword. Kind of clever as even misspellings of obscure words produces results.

    But really doesn't do much good as adding /asparagus to the end is not relevant to the website.

    I don't know - some clever programmer with too much time on their hands trying to "game the system". Could be used for so much more, though, IMhO...
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    Anyone Else?

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    As I think, he uses .htaccess to redirect and parse some pictures from search engines by keyword.

    But it is a bad way to create a good site

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    - that site does NOT host the images themselves, it just renders the whole bunch of image tags with SRC attribute pointing to original sites with images

    - to do that, they must be scraping image urls "on the fly" from some image search engine like google, ask, bing, whatever. Or, alternatively, they may STORE scrapped image urls in the database, and run scraping process in the background - it does not have to be realtime

    - they obviously have some database of keywords... And that is a bit more interesting. I am trying to guess the relationship between keywords generated in the top part of the page... The last one I tried was /MUCHACHA and here is the list of their keywords:

    muchacha, muchacha10, muchachas solteras, muchacha bonita, muchachas de culiacan, muchachas feas, muchacha en la ventana, muchachada nui, muchacha clothing, muchacha 11, earth map flat, earth day 2011, balloons game, earthbound 64, balloons png, dumbass, javascript, baby girl background wallpaper, baby girl background images, funny eyes clip art, barack obama bin laden speech, emoticons for skype, emma watson hair up, elephant ears plant, earthworm, earthworm jim, evil eyes wallpaper, elephant ears bulbs, crazy eyes clip art, eyes wide shut 1999, funny ebay feedback, emo guys hairstyles, eyes makeup in urdu, earthquake in japan, ebay feedback stars, brown eyes clip art, blue eyes wallpaper, elephant ears food, emo elmo wallpaper, emo guys and girls

    Ok I could see there DUMBASS and JAVASCRIPT keywords in the middle, that was entered by me few minutes later. So I think they just show 5-10 related keywords ("muchacha clothing" starts from "muchacha"), and then they just show the log of recently served pages / keywords globally on that site. I am glad I do not see there any nasty keywords lol

    - and finally, the real clever programmer would limit the images to EBAY only (using something like command while scraping), and would also use his / her EPN link on every image
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