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    Gripe about datafeed links
    I reluctantly decided to add links to, after someone suggested them in another discussion thread ("Merchants Not Terminating California Publishers"). I downloaded their million-product datafeed and went to considerable effort to extract relevant product links based on ISBN, and merged their data for 3,000 SKUs with data from several other CJ merchants, in preparation to merge that data into my master spreadsheet.

    Unfortunately, I made one of those rookie mistakes that we've all made and then foolishly repeated: I didn't test the links in the datafeed before using them. And sure enough, all the links in the DeepDiscount datafeed are "add to cart" links, not the much more typical "view product information" links. (My visitors want to see the information about a product before making the decision about whether to add it to their cart.)

    (I also noticed, rather late, that a significant number of products in the datafeed are listed as not in stock -- though I'm not sure what that means since I was able to add those products to cart just like the others.)

    I've flushed out all the data. Bye-bye.

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    Moved to Datafeed forum.

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    I just received an email from DeepDiscount's affiliate manager, stating that they will be changing this in their datafeeds today. It's too late for my current update cycle, but it's nice to see someone responding positively.

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