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    Procedure when advertiser doesn't report sales
    We have been with LinkShare for about 6 months now and we only have 3 advertisers (by choice), Apple,, and Guthy Renker (ProActiv). All three track the clicks that we send them but only Apple reports any sales to LinkShare. We have made test orders that do not show up. We have been sending hundreds of visitors per day to these advertisers. We filled out transaction inquiries months ago and the advertisers did not respond. What should we do now?

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    I can tell you what I did: I stopped working with LinkShare, years ago.

    If your test orders didn't track, and the merchant isn't making an effort to diagnose the problem, then unless LinkShare is willing to cooperate with you (not just refer your inquiry to the merchant), then your only practical option is to stop working with those merchants who didn't track your test orders.

    Eventually, you might conclude (as I did) that it's simply not worthwhile to work with merchants who use LinkShare.

    Many other ABW members have had much greater success working with LinkShare than I have.

    However, I seem to recall that LinkShare is consistently at the bottom of every ABW poll ranking the major affiliate networks (ShareASale is consistently at the top).
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