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    Help An Affiliate Manager?
    Hey guys and gals, Adam here.

    I started job in an affiliate network last week.
    Basically, we are running offers and it's my job to get as many of these offers taken up on as possible.

    I've since exhausted the directory of prospective/current clients that my boss gave me.

    I'd like to get more affiliates/publishers to sign up to the site, but I am utterly lost in doing so.

    Can anybody guide me in the right direction, from an Affiliate Managers' point of view, of how to contact potential affiliates for my network?

    (hope this isn't listed as spam, I'm just looking for insight)

    All the best.

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    Welcome Adam, a lot of people do just that every day here.

    There's of course advertising options (in the header above), but if its engagement you want from affiliates, the best way I see people around here achieving that is engaging the conversations - asking questions like you just started with.

    Has your business evaluated the offerings its presenting yet (have you confirmed on your end they did a good job of that)? May want to read and ask around here about what affiliates look for in cookie duration, conversion rates, merchant pages, is your network affiliate friendly, etc... Pursuing those things to confirm your offerings are competitive will help you ensure that as you get the word out, you are getting the engagement from affiliates you seek. Or if you find out you've got some turds, that's something you can take back and help improve your program by saying "hey, the affiliates are saying we are off the mark on a few things", and demonstrating that you are listening. Making adjustments to support your affiliates is a giant leap towards building relationships with the good quality affiliates you are after, and I see members here taking notice to that. Otherwise, you could be working your butt off to get the word out and recruit good people, but be spinning your tires in the mud because what you were given to work with may not be attractive on key points affiliates look for. Plenty of options out there for affiliates, they can move to the next thing if they don't like your thing - being proactive about engaging them on your end, will get you feedback thats critical for you taking the right path to achieve your goals.

    Once you start down that path, taking things to the street within the community, asking questions, listening, and building the reputation and relationships... You'll find when you are ready to really increase the exposure and advertise, you are putting a message across that contains the things that affiliates are really looking for.
    Matt Bidinger
    Online Community Engagement

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    Hi Matt,

    I have to say that is a magnificent reply. Everything I could have wanted, and informative. I've noticed in this game from the short time I've been in it, that there is alot of people who want to become overnight millionaires. The only way to do that is to buy lottery tickets! There is nothing like putting the ground work in early and building solid, long term and mutually fulfilling (hope that doesn't sound odd) relationships.

    Thanks a million Matt, that is the kind of reply and focused direction I was badly needing. Other un-named forum's would rather point you in the direction of a poorly laid out page offering courses on how to be a millionaire this time next week rather than actually do a thorough job.

    All the best.

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    When I took my fist full time job in 2005 as an affiliate manager the network provided me with a list of 440 affiliate. These were either rising stars, declining sales or good potentials. I added them to a contact manager (ACT!) and started contacting them individually. The lesser affiliates responded quickly and started increasing exposure. The big affiliates (whales) too up to 90 days and not until I offered to double commissions did they take notice. I tripled the program from $80k per month to $250 in six months. There were a lot of things I did to make the job of the affiliate easier.

    Parallel to starting that position I was pointed to ABW due to a mistake in a newsletter. I got started with the conversation here and never left.

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    My chief gripe about most new "ad networks" is that they don't identify their "value proposition" or "benefit," in a way that allows me to evaluate and compare them to hundreds of competitors.

    When I evaluate performance-based advertising, my primary focus is on my niche, and I'm looking for advertisers whose "offers" (usually products) are a close match to my site. I'm not interested in working with an "aggregator" (CPA network) who's just repackaging the same advertisers and offers as dozens of other CPA networks.

    I get several emails every week, and several phone calls every month, from someone inviting me to join a new "advertising network." My first question: what are the offers, who are the merchants, what are the terms? If you won't share that information, you'll lose me in 15 seconds or less.

    I think I'm quite typical of web publishers (affiliates) in one respect: more than half my income comes from a single advertiser, and I don't like that. (One reason is obvious: Amazon was my second-largest revenue source, so I lost 26% of my revenue when California terminated their advertising relationships with state residents. Another reason is that I've found over the years that adding more advertisers almost always increases my revenue per pageview.)

    But I'm also typical of all web publishers (affiliates) in that my time is quite limited, and I simply don't have time to fairly evaluate all the dozens of new merchants and ad networks that appear every week. So we look for shortcuts: "red flags" on the network's or advertiser's web site (things that we associate with low conversion rates, defaults, or other bad experiences in the past).

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