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    Exclamation CJ links with bad PID
    I have noticed for a while now that some of my CJ merchants have a bad PID when I pull the links from CJ's email newsletters. Instead of my PID the PID is "1". So a typical link might look like This is obviously a problem since that link won't track any sales for me.

    I've been sending a reply to the emails for a while and finally the CJ account manager from HP replied to let me know that they were trying to figure out the issue. After about two weeks the AM let me know that the problem had been identified and fixed. I asked if it affected other affiliates and/or merchant programs. The AM said that he wasn't sure and that he could only help with HP.

    I have to believe that this probably doesn't affect just me and that other affiliates are losing sales because of this problem. I've developed a program that checks my links, but I know that some affiliate's aren't very technical and may not even notice that the PID isn't theirs.

    Has anyone else seen this with CJ?

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    Every now and then, along with other networks as well. If you're grabbing links from the newsletter, you just need to check you id is in there and that the links work and go to the intended place as well.

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    I agree that you should check your links, but the fact is that many affiliates probably don't or wouldn't know if their PID was wrong. I think it is lame that CJ acknowledges a problem and doesn't try to fix it for everyone.

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