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    Barnes And Noble Tracked At Linkshare tracked just fine at Linkshare. It was good I could test this out now, since they just moved to Linkshare from GAN. Big Criterion/bluray sale people wait for all year.

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    hmmm.... my wife built a site and we had someone test order and it did not track. That was last week though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDXreader View Post
    hmmm.... my wife built a site and we had someone test order and it did not track. That was last week though.
    I have yet to record a sale through B&N, either at CJ or LinkShare, but I get a steady sprinkle of clicks. They had a 0 length "cookie" at CJ; it says .1666666667 (1/6 or 4 hours) at LinkShare, but I suspect that perhaps this was just the smallest number they could put in and that they still require immediate purchase before the browser is closed. I wrote to them and asked, and received no reply. Not an encouraging situation.

    But, even if their "return days" are still 0, surely somebody would go to their site and buy right away?

    My volume isn't high, but I have a trickle of sales from two other music related merchants on LinkShare, and people buy CDs from Amazon regularly (even though many of them cost more at Amazon than at B&N, and I say so).

    Admittedly, I only have a handful of links to B&N, but 0 sales does not encourage me to add more.

    I'd love to hear from someone who is having a lot of success with B&N. That would at least suggest that the potential is there.
    Valerie Magee

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