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    Anyone Familiar with nonprofitdata?
    I was contacted recently by a family member pointing me to this site, They found a page on the site claiming to give 10% of sales proceeds from US Flags to a charity my family member is involved in. Of course, the charity hasn't received any donations from the site.

    I found some contact info on the Whois data and I plan on reaching out to them. Doing a search on the ownership shows some trademark lawsuit they were a defendant in.

    I wanted to see if anyone was familiar with this site? Interesting that when I went through the purchase process, I got a warning from FF that the site wasn't trusted.
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    Moving this to Unethical Merchants forum and adding some linkouts. See if that gets a response!

    Did you find any more information? Don't see them listed on

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    I tried reaching out to him but who would have thought.. the number wasn't a valid number. I then got busy. I'm going to try emailing him and possibly his host.

    With that website, I'm guessing he doesn't get many visitors and even fewer (if any) conversions. But still 1 person ripped off is 1 too many.

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