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    Hotmail Login Ignorance
    A couple of months ago I could not, all of a sudden, login to my Hotmail account. It's mostly used for junk (sites that require emails, newsletters, etc). Reason given is spamming, which I never would send email out with the Hotmail address, again, it's only for incoming crap. I have 20 other email addresses if I want to send email out (domain, and ISP, based).

    They want me to begin this long, tedious, path of trying to prove I am the owner of the account (only been a Hotmail account owner since the late 90s / early 2000's, same account). After not being able to prove that I own the account (to their standards), I gave up.

    Tonight, I decided to try and login (about once a month I check Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, to clear out the crap that made me use these addresses). It all of a sudden asks for a mobile number to send a verification number to. I haven't had a cell for over a month (to kill the bill). But someone gave me a phone to use (for cheap), if I needed it.

    Entered the cell #, got a code, entered it to Hotmail. Right into my account.

    Now, WTF? I give them my name, my address, etc, etc. They deny that I own the account. But a simple code sent to some random phone number, that is acceptable to gain access to my Hotmail account.

    Now THAT'S security!

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    So a cell phone is a secure device? I do have to agree that I don't mind using it for my online banking with the number I gave them when I setup the account.

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