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    How many merchants protect their non-coupon affiliates?

    The one thing that always hold me back from promoting merchants with a coupon field is the coupon affiliates who enter at the checkout stage.

    I read several threads regarding this issue. I wonder why merchants and affiliate networks are not implementing any rules regarding this issue.

    Carefully observing all the affiliate click streams are a good solution.

    The only merchant I saw that implemented a clever system is CSN stores. Their system is protecting the non-coupon affiliate. Here is an old discussion

    I am not against coupon sites but cookie rewriting(most probably using some tricks) at the checkout stage is really unfortunate and unethical. How much money these affiliates are making by exploiting the "last cookie" rule.

    I truly believe that there must be a "separate rule" for coupon affiliates who enter during the checkout stage.

    If I was a merchant, I would have given the non-cookie affiliate the full commission. The coupon affiliate gets a small commission only if his coupon worked well (otherwise he has no role in this purchase).

    Please share your thoughts and experiences.

    Note: Please note that this discussion is exclusively about coupon sites that appear when prospects search "Merchant name+Coupon" during the checkout stage.

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    I think there are a few others, but very few merchants provide a system that compensates multiple referrers (serving distinct roles) for a transaction.

    Several folks (including me) have suggested in the past that affiliate networks and affiliate-technology software providers consider allowing multiple parallel referral tracks (for traditional content publishers, for coupon sites, for incentive/loyalty/reward sites, and/or for toolbars), but the idea has generally been rejected, for a variety of reasons.

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