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    Cool What is a good test metric for social media campaigns?
    Been trying to wrap my head around what I have been experiencing, and obviously people have different levels to gauge a successful test. But I just wanted to see what people in general look at for a successful test running on social media like FB and PoF. How many clicks, converts, etc. Been seeing lots of interesting methods.

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    Luke, this is a tough one as you can't always quantify the success with social campaigns through clicks and sales. Since a lot of it can get shared the tracking won't track across 2nd accounts or moving a Facebook post to a Twitter post. You can test with something unique to the campaign like a promotional code that is tied to the cart. I know affiliates using that method and worrying about tracking breakage but its dependent on the cart.

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    Chuck's right about not being able to track everything. You could use a promo code to track or a landing page with a unique URL.

    As far as measuring if it was successful, I use:
    1) revenue
    2) email/newsletter signups
    2) visitors to your website
    3) signups to your social media account

    Pick any one, and compare your conversion rate to your other channels.

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    Kind of along the lines of what Chuck was saying, a huge part of the role of social media in your efforts can't be quantified in one metric. Visitors may be looking at your social media pages just to get a sense of your reputation- are people saying positive things about this company/product on these forums, is a customer support person responding to problems in a timely fashion, etc.

    Simply making sure that any social presence you have reflects positive on what you're trying to offer doesn't have a metric assigned to it, but it just as important as tracking clicks/conversions.

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