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    CSV files
    Hi Guys

    I have found a fantastic Facebook application that lets you bulk upload unlimited numbers of items to sell but it has to be in CSV file format, I don't really care what products I sell, I just want to test it, can anyone give me any pointers to companies that allow you to download a CSV including picture Urls of their products?

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    Almost all of the affiliate networks will let you download datafeed files for all of their merchants.

    More information here:

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    Once again thank you Burgerboy, gr8 links

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    In the past, I've seen people be directed to grabbing a datafeed, then using regexp/scripting or other tools to convert the datafeed into the format necessary. I'm not sure about directly obtaining CSV files, and if there are CSV files, they would likely need to be reformatted to match the format your facebook application requires.
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    Formatting is no problem I can knock out 100,000+ items in 10 mins, I just need pics in url, text description, RRP buying price, the rest is just simple the app does all the currency conversion....Its finding CSVs I'm finding difficult :K

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    Shareasale's datafeeds are text files. You would have to save them as csv files.

    CJ offers several different formats including csv...
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