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    Hello and Help!!!
    Hi everyone, I am a very new newbie!!!
    I have some newbie questions, where should I go on here to ask them?

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    jacked by sylon
    Moved to correct forum.

    You can ask your questions here.

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    Smile Question about being an "independent" affiliate
    That is, if there is such a thing!
    I have started a blog that directly speaks to a niche market. Alot of the companies that I would like to promote do not have affiliate programs already set up. These are fairly small businesses that need the exposure but probably can't afford to set their own up or join a large 3rd party provider.
    I'm am not even sure if I am asking this question correctly, so bear with me.
    Is there anyway for me to create my own "link" or simple program to pitch to these businesses to get them started with even one affiliate (me)?
    I know there isn't much money to be made with this right now and I would be better promoting already established affiliate partner businesses. But, my niche is something that I feel strong about and would like to get the small businesses that fall into it some exposure so in time, it will turn a profit for me too.
    Hope this makes sense.

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    If I am understanding your question correctly, the best route to go would be a network. Small businesses, or advertisers often don't have the budget or patience to run direct with affiliates, however they will run with networks, which can broker the offer to you. Networks are typically free to join if you are a legit affiliate and not some flash in the pan entrepreneur, and they will have these small business already setup for you to run offers and campaigns.

    Does this help, let me know if this is what you were asking?

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