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    how to choose a good domain name
    Hi. I want to build some great sites but have no experiense, I want to get started and can gain experiense after time but I need a good domain name from the get go cause that is one thing that might not be as good to corect later.
    So what is there to think about when choosing domain names? I want to know the top 10 most important things.


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    Can't think of 10 things for a domain name, but here are some to consider:

    1. Single word domains are best (hard to find off the shelf/fresh reg)
    2. .com is KING
    3. Easy to remember & spell. If the domain is spoken can the person remember it and spell it correctly in their browser
    4. Be relevant to the content

    About all I have...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Sometimes I get these brief flashes of brilliances where I immediately think of an awesome name that would work perfectly for what I want to do and the name is actually available. Most of the time, I struggle for weeks and do a hundred who is searches to find the right domain. It can be a real pain.

    I don't have a top 10 for you but in my mind there are two ways to go

    1. A keyword rich domain that gives people an idea of what you do and what your site is about just by seeing your domain name

    2. A unique and interesting name that doesn't make sense without having some type of context. If you never knew what Google or Amazon were, you would have no idea what they did until you were told or went to their site.

    Most of the big companies online go with option #2 but they also have big ad budgets. I think the second option is MUCH harder for a small business with small marketing budgets. You end up paying a lot more just to get your brand out there.

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    I'm sure someone could give you a step by step top 10 list of what to look for but let me try and help you in more of a general sense. If you are fresh out the gate and just starting you would want a domain that you can utilize even when diversifying. What I mean is when people first get into affiliate marketing they often choose one niche, one traffic channel, etc. If you plan to grow and expand then this is not a reality because this industry can be cyclical. So if all your eggs are in the dating niche basket, if that hits a bump then you are in some serious problems. You didn't mention any specific offer types or niches so I am assuming your looking for a base domain, and in that case I would keep it simple and marketing related or business related (this are most likely taken but things like SynergyMarketing, etc). This way, if you do switch traffic or niches it remains consistent. You don't want to box yourself in basically. Hope I understood your question correctly.

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