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    Best thing to do to Start off?
    Ok... My first newbie question

    I realized pretty quick Affliliate programs aren't really looking for a younger person as myself.. I look on a few sites CJ was one of them most want you to be 18 years of age (I can solve that) But my main problem is..

    What to do to make money?.. I don't have too much money to invest into this right now I have $100 but I am saving so I am really limiting myself to about $10 is there anything I could do for now to make some money until I have enough to invest in something else?


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    Shared hosting is all you need as far as investment and it costs less than $10 a month. To be up and running, if you can do all the coding and graphics yourself, $100 should get you through 6 months with plenty of room to spare assuming you don't have any bills or other expenses, and that you don't waste any money on bogus fast-track secret make money online programs. Within that time frame if you work hard and do your research to build on a solid foundation, it is realistic to make your first sale(s) and start actually generating income. How fast you move partially depends on the skillset you bring to the table, but most people here will tell you it isn't a fast money game... It takes time to start working, trying different things, and finding what is most effective.
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    Buy some hosting. Do some keyword research. Buy a domain, and start driving free traffic.

    Some ways to do that:

    Forum posts/signatures

    Good luck!

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    Another possibility you might try is to build a good page on Squidoo that has a link to your affiliate offer. Squidoo is free, and doesn't require you to buy your hosting or domain names yet.

    You could build a couple of pages and start learning about driving traffic, testing your links, figuring out good content, etc. It's about the cheapest thing I can think of to work for you.

    If you decide to do this, really look at a number of squidoo pages. Don't just put up a crappy page with very little content and a link - it won't work. I have a page (seriously needs updating) that works well for me. Go to and then my page is at /sellingyourphotos.

    I have had some good conversions off this page - not enough to get rich and retire, but it taught me a lot of things when I built it. It also taught me a lot of things not to do, which is also a large part of the learning process. :-)

    But ultimately, you'll want to have hosting and your own site to work from.

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    the squidoo idea sounds pretty good to superCool. if you have some success you can get your own domain and website later, then link to it from your squidoo pages.

    another option would be to buy your own domain and use the free hosting available from some of the domain/hosting companies. the hosting company would probably run their own ads on your site, but you could get things rolling and see if you want to continue. then eventually you start to pay for hosting but you already have a domain that has been online for a while.

    would be best to get domain and hosting if you can afford it, but you could easily run through your $100 before you start making money.

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