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    I'm a new affiliate who is trying to learn things for a year. Finally I built a site up. In october and december my site seen on google(adwords)and my google pr raised 0 to three. I was very very happy after hearing a first sale. But something was not going well. I sent over 700 clicks to Target in two months. But there was nothing, not a single sale. After christmas they sent me an e-mail saying that I was not Target Affiliate any more without explanation. Is it normal? Is it making sense? I can not understand why? Maybe that's about the site.
    Again I'm new, maybe there are something which you know and I don't know in the market.

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    Basically, when ANY merchant does not convert with that many clicks (especially a well-known one), you know something is wrong. You should quit any such program (already done for you) - they are using you.

    Try one of the "Trusted Merchants" on the front page of Abestweb or make a point of finding a "clean" merchant that is parasite free. Contact the affiliate manager before investing lots of time and ask them "Are you parasite free?". If they don't know what you are talking about (or get offended) then chances are they are not parasite free.
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    Target is in bed with every sleezeball parasite in the world.
    They should be a last resort and should be used only for items that you absolutely can't find anywhere else.

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    Might I hazzard a guess? The Target affiliate program ,like most brick-n-mortar retailers, is operated by the Linkshare Professional management firm for one reason. They have a easily manipulated Advertising budget, ripe for raping, by every sleezeball BHO and cookie stuffer in the book. From day one of launch they were infested by budget draining darkside forces by design. Add in professional e-mail -SERP -browser spammers and SEO/SEM side deals and they launch.

    Blaming lazy Target Inc. Advertising interns, an outside Ad agency, or some 3rd party hired gun AM firm for diverting potential commissions to their Rolodex marked affiliate sleezeballs is simple. NONE of the familiar brick-n-mortar brands desire anything more then Mass advertising eyeballs, guaranteed by the AM from dealing with the darkside. The payoffs and graft inherent in a Target type program assuses the legit affiliate gets screwed everytime.

    The key is tracing the AM's e-mail back to it's final destination. Is it a nestbed for parasite friendly merchants, who also perform just like this one? Most likey as any AM with 8 ABW posts hides from this community of legit value-add marketers unless their merchnat's name gets called to task. Basically a seasonal filler merchant, at best, unwilling to publish their conversion ratio, playing diversion tricks, and seeking cookie stuffers and SERP spammers to compliment their stable of BHO's.
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    I confirm the allegations in the prior posts: I have seen Target targeted by the majority of parasites I have tested.

    A Target AM actually wrote to me at some point last year, so I told him that his program was in need of serious work. We even went as far as to speak by phone. But he never followed up, and in my testing the program remains badly infiltrated by parasites.

    Too bad: In the real world, I'm actually a Target fan. Great store for getting certain things, very convenient and reasonably priced. But their affiliate program, well, no...

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    I became suspicious of the Target program at the end of 2003 when I ordered a Christmas present for my husband, through one of my links. I never saw the sale show up on my LinkShare reports. When I wrote to the affiliate team, I never received a response. The items that only Target carries that I want to promote on my site are now done through Amazon's affiliate program. I earn more, and Target has to pay more than they would have to pay me if I linked to them directly.

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    I used to promote all of those stores. Very poor conversions... if any. This is the sole reason I have migrated towards the independant affiliate programs. You have to watch them, too. But, you are more likely to find an honest AM with an indy.

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