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    Problem with Clickbank
    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone can give me some insight to a problem I'm having. I'm trying to sell an e-book, the product is set up with Clickbank and everything has been approved. I've advertised on Google through Adwords and on Plenty of Fish and have gotten a lot of traffic, I've monitored the traffic through Crazy Egg and can see that people have clicked on the Buy button numerous times, however no one has bought the book. It's a relationship book so I realize that it can be an emotional decision and I expect some shopping cart abandonment, however I find it odd that after nearly 200 clicks on the buy button, no one has bought it.

    Could there be something I'm over looking? Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

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    Just a few ideas you may have already considered:

    1) Is your offer competitively priced?
    2) Is the page laid out to naturally guide consumers to purchase?
    3) Are the exit pop discount opportunities?
    4) Are you working with the best network/source/etc. to properly promote your product?

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    Have you put the "price" above the buy Now button. People may be clicking the Buy Now button to see the price.

    Do you pre-sell your visitors before sending to the sales page. Pre-selling is the warming up process. Building a list , giving value through follow up messages are the other crucial things when selling ebooks.

    It is better to send traffic to a blog where you give valuable advice about your topic. It increases your credibility and then send them to the sales page

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    I regularly see sites that hide the price. Impulse buyer want to know the price as they troll through paid search ads.

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    Also wonder whether you had your e-book price showed in your ads link, I suggest you build a sale page that contains all the information customer should know and all your e-book's features.

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