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    Is my niche too broad??

    I am a total newbie to affiliate marketing. I basically created a website and quickly learned that I was way out of my depth(some members here helped me see this).I basically scrapted the site. I have spent several weeks studying and found many of the rookie mistakes that I made and I have arrived at one big question. Is the niche I chose to broad?

    My niche is online poker for beginners.

    I have been a profitable online poker player for a few years and I believe that I can contribute useful, original content that would help new players.

    Poker is generally split into two categories, live and online. Most websites cover the online portion, but the primary sites cover topics such as general and specific strategy, poker bonus, and room reviews. I will be covering these also(to a small degree), but from the new players perspective.

    I plan write about 100 articles (I already wrote about 25) divided over about 10 topics, get a new domain b/c the previous one i registered was awful, and then publish. After that I will probably write another 50 to 100 articles and concentrate on link building.

    However, I want to know before I write all this material, is my niche too broad??

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    That is a very competitive niche. Use a keyword and find some keywords you can realistically target and go after those

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    Keywords are Key :)
    I agree with the previous post. This is very competitive, you will want to make sure that you focus your keywords to words that are very specific to your sites. You may want to use the keywords tool on google to help you accomplish this.

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    Not only is it a competitive niche, wouldn't this also be a risky niche, given the recent shut down of major online poker platforms?
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