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    Exclamation Need help: How a capture leads when I drive people to the affiliate site
    Need help: How do I capture leads when I drive people to the affiliate site

    I'm a newbie affiliate. When I drive visitors with my affiliate link.
    The company reports the purchases and I get a commssion
    but I don't get the leads of the people who enter the info but didn't buy.
    I'm building their list not mine. What' s the solution??

    How do I set up my autoresponder to capture those leads?

    The only think I can imagine is to first capture that traffic on my own
    opt in page get their info and redirect them top the affiliate opt in page page.
    But that way they have to opt in twice and lose a lot of leads

    I'm stuck. Any solutions or work-arounds?
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    Ferdi, you need to do what is called "host & post" in which case you host the form and post to their database. You will have to explicitly ask the lead gen program managers if they offer that option. Make sure you are aware of any privacy policy issues this may bring up.

    If you are confusing the purchase information for the consumer with lead information that is something a merchant will never allow.

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