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    Lightbulb What Are your Best Tools in your Affiliate Magic Box?
    Lets Face it

    If your not creative- then you'll probably suck at affiliate marketing. You have to think of new idea constantly.

    In order to be successful in what we do- We have to be experts at our understanding of what works- through communication.

    IF your good at communicating something to another person- and that person- not only understands it- but his actions and thoughts become differ because of it.

    The tools I use- to be successful in the affiliation business- Is Videos and Youtube. As long as you take time- think about a way to make a good video- then It can work good. The only thing that sucks is- getting views.

    Quality isn't something youtuber's notice. IT's quantity. Ive noticed. However! IT's alot better to make 10 HQ videos- then 100 ripp offs.

    Another tool is facebook. Just make a fake identity- make it popular- THEN promote. Promoting is not popular. Acting stupid- then promoting is.

    So what are your tricks up your sleave?

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    Re: Affiliate Tools
    What about using your AM? They've got access to tools when you've reached that brick wall. If you're using a network then you've got a solid opportunity to partner with your AM to reach that next level.

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