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    Question Should I be concerned?
    Greetings all,

    Should I be concerned when I see a "Affiliate Management / Manager" redirect between the CJ link to the merchants site?

    Its going something like this -

    CJ URL

    www*jdoqocy*com/click-0000000-00000000 (i put in all zeros just for the example)

    that gets redirected to

    then to the merchant site

    with the attached ?PID=000000&refid-cj at the end of the url


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    Affiliate Traction does this, I'm not sure if anybody else does.

    I wouldn't worry about it so long as there is a positive EPC figure.
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    I agree...I think it's safe if you're seeing sales. It's probably internal tracking to audit the affiliate network or maybe a way to get information sent to an in-house data system.


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    If it is from Affiliate Traction I would worry. I've had several accounts that were doing well transfer to them and then -zap- conversions drop drop drop. In one recent instance I pointed this out by phone to one of the senior AffililateTraction guys about how this was happening yet again and -surprise- the next day I was terminated from that merchant without any cause whatsoever -- in fact it was one of my closest relationships.

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