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    January 17th, 2005
    I support this board fully and will help out in any way I can. All you people who are moaning about how slow this board is, you should put your money where your mouth is and support this website. I'll start the ball rolling and donate $500 to any upgrades this forum needs. Haiko please PM me how I can donate to this board, preferably via PayPal. Haiko a big thanks for all you have done with this board.

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    The slowness is completely an infopop issue which will be resolved once I successfully migrate the entire board over to the rackspace servers (multiple servers and load balancing - always thinking about the growth aspect ).

    Tomorrow the board will have to be closed for proper exporting of the database (no new posts or members) and hopefully on Monday we can have the new ABW that will be ridiculously faster on rackspace. If the import isn't completed, I will restart it on the following Sunday because I'll be out of the office on Tuesday at the Linkshare summit and because I don't want to interrupt our weekly traffic.

    BTW our Alexa (yes I know it's useless) ranking should jump from 12K (only our frontpage and site rank) to about 2K because our forum pages are currently ranked about 1,900 so when the pages get included we should have our real ranking as well as SERP listings that we've long deserved for the keywords in the postings but poop never was SE friendly but VB completely is. As a result I hope we can educate more end users and potential members so that they can learn/earn/protect themselves even more.

    with the VB change I will be instituting new sig rules (un by-passable) as well as a few nice add-ons ... I'm excited to finally be dumping poop.

    A note about poop ... most of their customers are still down, but we are up, last nigh I spoke with a senior account rep about the ABW situation and look forward to talking with them early Monday morning, but I don't see anything usefully coming from them - I mean the CEO said get off my service when I complained to him and his wife (Rosemary)... Chief Beef talks of nazis, Idi and Stalin-esque stuff ... shoot ... get a board at poop and ask for service, then he can talk of such!

    It's scary how full of their own cool aid they are!
    Continued Success,

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    That's wonderful news, Haiko!

    Good luck with the migration znd I hope everything goes well.
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    Nice long term move Haiko. Just thinking of having my 13,000 rants and advisories show up in the SERPs aught to make even the bloggers cringe.
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    You should check out Much cheaper than rackspace and its no contract, fast servers 2,000 gb bandwidth is standard

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    This is my first post in the new forum, looks great but takes a while to get used to. Thanks for all the time you have put into the update. Much appreciated.

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