Dragon Dictate 2.5 for Mac is here! Affiliates can now promote the newest version of the best-selling speech recognition software for the Mac. With Dragon Dictate 2.5 for Mac, users can enter text by speaking and interact with their favorite Mac applications by voice. Dictate for Mac will sell for $199.99.

Key features include:

* TURN TALK INTO TEXT: Instead of a keyboard, speak your thoughts to produce text.
* WORK COMFORTABLY Just speak commands to launch and control applications. Move the cursor or click anywhere on screen by using your voice.
* MULTI-TASK LIKE NEVER BEFORE Reply to emails, browse the web, creative voice commands to automate complex workflows
* WORK YOUR WAY Customize with personal vocabulary and voice commands that reflect the kind of work you do.
* WORK WIRELESSLY Turn your iPhone or iPod into a wireless microphone for use with Dragon on your Mac. You can stick with the headset if you prefer.
* BUILT FOR MAC an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that works with all your favorite Apple applications, including Mail, iChat, iCal, TextEdit, Pages, Safari and many more.

We have added new links to our affiliate campaign to promote this release. Update your site today to make the most of this release!