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    I didn't really want to comment anyway...
    I'm noticing more and more sites using Facebook and Twitter login capabilities in order to interact with their sites/blog/comments. That's all well and good to offer those options, but to ONLY offer those options for the ability to comment on articles/blog posts/etc is a bit presumptuous and hindering to some.

    I've been on Facebook, I've been on Twitter. I (personally) saw/see no great value with Twitter, and I was following more entities/businesses/organizations on Facebook than friends or family. So I got rid of that as well. Just because some people THINK that every person on the Internet uses these sites, the fact of the matter is not every one does. And they must not realize the potential new users/visitors/customers they might be turning away. While it may be the minority group, do you still want to alienate people?

    And, frankly, if I was still on FB or Twitter, I probably wouldn't use them to login all over the Internet anyway.

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    +1. I never use them when its an option, and I wouldn't use a site if that was the only option. vBulletin4 has built in facebook authentication options, the few sites we have currently testing vB4 with have that featured disabled.

    But I can't wait until I can use a PNC Connect button to use my bank credentials to login to, paypal, my online utility payments... Sure would be convenient!

    /end sarcasm

    I think there is value in keeping separate accounts separate.
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    I happened to be already logged into FB one evening and was still surfing around. Came to one site that automatically logged me in to their site - all I did was land on their webpage.

    Now I always make sure I use a different browser or completely log out of FB...
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    +2. Very annoying. It's nearly as bad as over remarketing...seeing the same banner 200 times in an hour can't be helpful for anyone.


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    My forum here feeds to Twitter then to Facebook. I get compliments from friends about the deals I send out. Those are actually affiliate newsletters written for affiliates. To me it is an outward extension of work already done.

    I use Facebook extensively to keep up with friends and family. Twitter I use to keep up on trends. There is a lot of information I would miss without both plus its a networking function. I also have extensively used LinkedIn for years for only business networking. I get two daily reports from NutshellMail by Constant Contact and its the only way I can keep up.

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