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    109 can't get decimals correct for sales?
    Is anyone else seeing their total sales numbers inflated every day from sales?

    Case in point, here's a sale from the other day

    $414.00 (sale) $33.12 (commission)

    When they figure it out a few days later, they'll edit it and the sale amount will be $4.14 and the commission amount will be $.33. It's as if they're losing the decimal when they report the sale through SAS.

    It doesn't happen on every sale from them, but it does happen more often that not, and my running balance is always inflated as a result.

    Any idea what could be causing this and is anyone else seeing the same issue on sales?

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    Why don't you reach out to your contact over there?
    Steven Shnayder
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    You might also open a trouble ticket at ShareASale. Not only is SAS likely to offer useful advice, but SAS should also respond to insure that the merchant doesn't [continue to] unfairly benefit from the inflated averages reported to new publishers.

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    I'm seeing the same issue on all my sales. They correct manually each sale and I asked them to fix it ASAP. They didn't answer me.

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