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    Our blog gets approx 4000 visitors per month how do we monetize it effectively

    I found this site this evening (Well about 6 hours ago!) and have been pretty glued to it since!

    I have a few questions which I would be grateful for your help with.

    Firstly just to explain about the blog-
    - the blog is about fashion - latest outfits, celeb style, but it mainly focuses on accessories such as handbags.
    - Wordpress blog which started around Oct 2010.
    - We post fresh content to it every day or at least every other day.
    - The blog steadily attracts 3500 to 4000 visitors per month.
    -We are based in the UK
    - We have done no SEO. I have recently purcahsed SEO pressor and have started using that on our posts. I have been working on our youtube channel and all videos are embedded into blog. The Youtube channel is still in its infancy but we are getting some views.

    Now we would love to monetize it but not alienate our readers. We have signed up to affiliate window to start with ( I know there are more but we want to start small to find our feet!)

    We have added an 'Offers' page which we will be uploading our pick of fashion deals that we get through but I also want to add a shop page and in that section have the whole affiliate shop going on with bags,shoes and other accessories.

    I have seen on these forums that popshops is a good programme for making the feeds standardised, we were also looking at datafeedr.
    My first question - are these programmes to standardise the differences between affiliate window and share a sale datafeeds for example.
    OR are these programmes made to standardise the individual merchant datafeeds?

    The next question is plugins for wordpress in order to make the 'shop' appear. Iaffiliate window has a thing called shopwindow but it is supposed to be tricky to install. can you suggest what we should use?
    - for automating the merchant feeds that we choose

    Finally I know it is case of trial and error but generally do you think we have a chance of making this this work?! I find it all quite overwhelming to be honest, there is just so much!

    Thank you so much in advance for any help at all you can give!!

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    Hi Sarah, with that kind of traffic you should be making money. Do you have Google Analytics installed so you can look at referrers?

    Create a thread over here and let the members critique it:

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    Don't give a second thought to alienating some of your readers, with 4k a month you may lose a few but you have a huge audience and if this is relevant traffic you should make good money.

    I must ask about the quality of this traffic which is an amazing volume given no SEO on your part, have you obtained this traffic by "black hat" means because if so it will most probably be useless. If, though, these visitors have a genuine interest in your product you are looking good.

    Just look at the success of ASOS an online company started about 6 years ago selling ladies fashions online, the share price then was £0.14 it is now more than £25. This is a great market if you can get a foot firmly in the door.

    My best wishes to you.

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    I'd definitely work on building an email list from your readers. Then send them cpa/affiliate offers in a newsletter with "special coupon codes" or something similar.

    There's a lot of potential in a site like you have. If you only have adsense up, you might as well not even waste your time...

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    July 22nd, 2011
    Also check out goldencan

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    with all the good points being suggested to you here and with that huge amount of traffic you must be making a decent if not lots of money. All I can say is: "strike it while it's still hot" Break a leg!

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    I liked your post, I am a newbie to affiliate marketing but not new to owning businesses. I am launching a new clothing line in about a week so I am starting to do some research on how I can partner up with people who are getting traffic to there blogs. Or if I can acquire some knowledge on how to properly get my blog out to people. I would be interested in hearing more about your blog and how you were able to get that much traffic as well as discuss how you could earn income from the launch of my new line.

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