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    ShareASale Newbie, how to get started...
    I am a merchant recently set up with ShareASale. I'm also new to affiliate marketing and am searching for materials to read to learn the ropes.

    My ShareASale account is all set up, and I have 74 affiliates, who signed up I guess just by seeing my new account. One question I have is that quite a few of the affiliates have a "Limited" membership level, and I was wondering if someone could tell me what that means.

    Also, most of the 74 have not had any clicks to my site since joining, and I'm wondering why that would be. Should I contact all my affiliates?

    Finally, does anyone have any general advice, for what should be my next step, and also where I can read up and get my education?
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    Affiliates who are on limited membership level in SAS have not been sent their first check yet. Once they are paid, their membership level changes to Full.

    This also means that the affiliate most likely has little to none experience in promoting any products at all.

    You should absolutely reach out to all of your affiliates, letting them know that as an affiliate manager you are there if they need any guidance. Put them in the right direction by showing them the best ways to promote your product in order for it to convert.

    Make sure you get to know them very well and know what their pages look like. Once they start promoting you, its important that you know how and where they are doing it.

    ABW is definitely a great place to learn more about management, how to engage affiliates and generally an excellent hub for affiliate marketing information!
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