We're running this $20 for $40 Groupon for Shoebuy.com today, so this afternoon, I thought I'd browse Shoebuy to see what I could get with it. (All in the interest of research, I really don't need another pair of shoes...unless it's a test purchase for work, of course.)

Keep in mind, this Groupon is only good for another 7 hours or so...

Skechers Tone Ups are on sale now at Shoebuy.com for $44.95. If you spend $20 to get the $40 Groupon, you'd end up paying and additional $4.95 to get the shoes. Shipping is free, and there's no sales tax unless it's a New York order.

In case you're interested in it, here's a tracking link! Don't forget to replace "INSERTCJPID" with your own Commission Junction PID:
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