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    What Are The Benefits Of Using A Third Party Commenting System?
    Just curious for those that use them. I've always just used what comes with Wordpress and it's been fine. Why would you farm it out to some third party? If their site goes down or they have issues, does that affect the comments/your site? What if they go out of business even? Sites like Disqus or what are some other good ones. I'm starting a new blog and want to experiment a little, try something different.
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    Prefer to keep as many 'services' in-house as possible for the reason you mentioned - if the supplier has issues, it all flows downhill.

    Have never considered a 3rd party Commenting System...
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    Yeah, I remember earlier this year on Twitter about Disqus going down -

    "Popular sites like Engadget and Techcrunch use Disqus, so their users aren't going to be happy. There are some irate Disqus users over on the Twitter stream worth checking out."

    Disqus Down

    So because Disqus had issues, that affected people's sites. So was always just wondering what are the great benefits that is worthy of such a risk?

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    Disqus and IntenseDebate were considered the major players last time I looked.

    Your concerns are solid as far as downsides. The benefits I see:

    1. Power in numbers maybe? Many site comment systems either permit guest postings, or require registration to your specific site to comment. Any site using the same 3rd party solution, its a commenting system that works on any site using that 3rd party solution - if someone is used to using disqus on techcrunch or engadget, they'll not need to sign up on your site and they'll be familiar with the commenting system already. I'm not going to sign up on most sites just to comment, but if I'm already a disqus user and I come across your site using disqus, I may be more apt to comment.

    2. Integrated features - anti-spam, advanced media features/embedding, etc. The anti-spam feature is probably the biggest one.

    The blog on was redesigned in late 2009 based on wordpress. It never had commenting before, so we had options to go with wordpress comments, 3rd party system, or bridging the article with a forum discussion. We chose bridging, so our articles display article discussion from the forum, which you can see at the bottom of this article for example:
    AMD A8-3850 APU Review – Llano for Desktop | Overclockers

    That's not ideal either, clicking reply on the article prompts someone to login or signup, but the benefits of having an active community, a reliable comment system, and the anti-spam measures built into the forums and from the moderator staff are big benefits.
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    I am using disqus comments system
    that helps me to track the comments what i have made in the past and also to ensure for more engagement. Being a professional i don't want the my comments randomly spread over internet but also i want to take control of it.

    what i done through disqus,that's why i am using it.

    Also i inspired with Facebook comments system which is an bi lateral communication system which let my comment available in facebook through facebook or with my blog.

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