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    My Media Protfolio - Merchant Link Exchange
    programs = 1
    available = 842,897
    impressions = 165

    ROTFLMAO! They owe ABW almost 843K impressions and they have only shown our ad 165 times :eek: someone fix this shoot!

    They are gone!


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    I think most or at least 90% of what is said online regarding numbers/traffic is largely inflated and BS.

    In fact, I don't believe the net is nearly as large as we have been lead to believe.

    There are just a few contenders out there.

    Go to any of the major webmaster forums and you'll see all of the same people plus or minus a few but basically I can go anywhere and find many of you.

    How many dozens of ad companies are out there now?

    How many can really deliver and where do all of these companies get their traffic if they actually have any???

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    They owe me those imps, I will "cash them in"

    The net traffic IS there and so IS the money!

    There are MANY (I confirmed this today - about 150K unique webmasters) who think affiliate marketing is only click bank or amazon. I chose affiliate find on a few variables and sent them the traffic in hopes that they were real .. but in actuality they are a dead old POS.

    There is a definite NEED to recruit and train these webmasters who just dabble ... to allow their sales potential to burgeon!

    I will be setting up a multi-part recruiting system and will be actively soliciting merchants to participate ... There is SOOOOO much out there ... it just has been "haphazardly and ineffiectively" tapped.


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    count me in

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