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    As an affiliate marketer, I appreciate the power and reach of an affiliate program.

    I've written several books. My publisher kills me with what he makes vs. what I eventually get paid.

    I am going to self-publish my next book. I bought a domain name where I plan to sell it. Any suggestions on software to handle the storefront, credit card processing and an affiliate program? If I join CJ as a merchant, do they provide the software? Also, is there a charge to become one of their merchants?

    It's a self-help/motivational book. I think I can publish it for about $4 a copy and sell it for $12 to $18. Any advice or suggestions on what commission I should offer my affiliates? Is CJ the right choice?

    Your help would be greatly appreaciated!

    Respectfully Yours...

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    There are a lot of things to consider when you set up your own affiliate program. Selecting the software or service provider should be done after you have designed your program. Then you select the tech solution that best fits your program and budget.

    Some questions you will want to answer first:

    1) Does your product have mass consumer appeal or is it a niche product.

    2) Are you looking for a few great affiliates or do you want to plaster your banner everywhere?

    3) Do you want to do your own check writing, or do you want somebody else to administer that?

    4) What type of promotional tools do you want to provide your affiliates?

    5) How much tech experience do you have to manage your tracking and payment systems?

    6) How much time do you have to recruit, support and manage your affiliates?

    Ok, that should get you started. You may also want to check out Ralph Wilson's book at Affiliate Solution Reviews

    Good luck and best wishes for a successful program. Hope this helps.


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    Keep it simple at the initial stages, don't go in debt with fancy "expensive" affiliate software, nor get caught up in contracts with large affiliate programs that require alot of capitol just to get started.

    My first recommendation. Start out with clickbank it's cheap to get started with them and they have their own affiliate system you can easily plug into your site with very little need to understand much more then cut and paste. Paypal is also another option you might want to look into for easy merchant set up's at basically no costs to get started.

    2nd, get your site listed in the search engines, and get noticed in other web sites, that will be your ad campaign to at least justify spending more on the site for more expensive of a back end. You can look at it as far as how much you have made, and reinvest that into your operation "standard business tactics here" for example, you only seel 1/2 a dozen copies, and would like to make them downloadble instead, there are scripts that will let you take paypal, and the user goes to the download page but can't supervent it since the script prevents it.

    On a larger note "after the biz is doing well" There are complete affiliate program scripts, that will do things like duplicate your site when an affiliate signs up and want's to get his own promoting your product, also they cover the checks/admin,etc. like the above reply.

    The bottom line, keep it simple, under control both design wise as well as any kind of a back end, then move forward logically.

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    Good post Brian Millar. That's pretty much exactly what I told a semi-client (I really try my best not to do anything but work for my own company any more...) who has some info products to market.

    That is the only caveat with ClickBank -- no hard goods. Electronic, info, downloadable only.

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    I have had lots of success using for my downloadable products. You can get a free eBook about them here:

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    Thank you for the great replies. Clickbank seems to be the quick, inexpensive solution I was looking for. Hoewever, I still like the idea of being part of a CJ or Linkshare because of the exposure. Will Clickbank work with CJ or any other affilaitre program administrator?

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